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what is counselling?

a place for reflection..


Are you struggling with life at times, do you feel overwhelmed, or are you struggling to feel at all?  Do you need a safe and confidential place to go where you can begin to unravel your thoughts?

Being in a relationship with a counsellor who enables you to separate out thoughts and feelings around relationships, the world you live in and its complexities can often be the first step to a more confident and peaceful existence.

The individual who gives themselves the time to bravely look at their difficulties, will often find the experience life changing. Being in a relationship with a counsellor can often move you towards a more positive relationship with yourself which in turn enables you to make more informed choices about how you feel you need to live your life.
I can offer a safe place for reflection. I have the experience of hearing many issues and my aim is to enable you to live with a greater sense of ease and possess more certainty than perhaps ever before.

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